1 hour with us and we'll write 30 days of content

After a 30-day onboarding period (Month 0) in which we develop your overall thought leadership strategy, we'll hold a one-hour monthly interview with you to get your thoughts and point of view on agreed-upon topics.

Every 30 days, we'll deliver you a digital file with the following:

4 short articles on thought leadership topics (500 to 700 words each)

31 posts for your social media profile (a months worth of daily posts to further discuss current topics and themes from 4 articles)

1 monthly reflection newsletter (an email that summarizes the previous month's content and nurtures your database)

*Month 0 includes an industry analysis, competitive analysis, review of your current marketing assets, and style guide. From this, we develop your overall content strategy that supports your goals and give us a blueprint for your monthly plan.

Delivered monthly

All content is delivered in digital file format unless Implementation is purchased with this subscription.

Requires Month 0 $1,500.00 onboarding fee



Payment Methods


Publish it for me too!

Instead of delivering a digital file, we'll post all of your monthly content to social, your blog, and schedule out your newsletter
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